List of publications by Jan Ludwiczak:

Ludwiczak J, Wiński A, Marinho A, Szczepaniak K, Alva V, Dunin-Horkawicz S
PiPred - a deep-learning method for prediction of π-helices in protein sequences.
Sci Rep., 2019, May 3;9(1):6888

Ludwiczak J, Wiński A, Szczepaniak K, Alva V, Dunin-Horkawicz S
DeepCoil - a fast and accurate prediction of coiled-coil domains in protein sequences.
Bioinformatics., 2019, Jan 2

Ludwiczak J, Jarmula A, Dunin-Horkawicz S
Combining Rosetta with molecular dynamics (MD): A benchmark of the MD-based ensemble protein design.
J Struct Biol., 2018, Jul;203(1):54-61

Ludwiczak J, Maj P, Wilk P, Frączyk T, Ruman T, Kierdaszuk B, Jarmuła A, Rode W
Phosphorylation of thymidylate synthase affects slow-binding inhibition by 5-fluoro-dUMP and N(4)-hydroxy-dCMP.
Mol Biosyst., 2016, Apr;12(4):1333-41

Szczepaniak K, Ludwiczak J, Wiński A, Dunin-Horkawicz S
Variability of the core geometry in parallel coiled-coil bundles.
J Struct Biol., 2018, Oct;204(1):117-124

Jarmuła A, Wilk P, Maj P, Ludwiczak J, Dowierciał A, Banaszak K, Rypniewski W, Cieśla J, Dąbrowska M, Frączyk T, Bronowska AK, Jakowiecki J, Filipek S, Rode W
Crystal structures of nematode (parasitic T. spiralis and free living C. elegans), compared to mammalian, thymidylate synthases (TS). Molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulations in search for nematode-specific inhibitors of TS.
J Mol Graph Model., 2017, Oct;77:33-50